My name is Joseph Hunter, I grew up on a dairy farm in East Tennessee as the oldest of ten children and out of necessity acquired a good work ethic at a young age. After finishing school, I joined the military at age 17 with my parent's reluctant signature and upon completion of basic training, spent the rest of my first four years of military life as an aircraft reciprocating engine mechanic., at that time, an opportunity to cross train into the electronic career field became available. I accepted and acquired roughly two years of advanced electronic training and eventually retired as a master electronic technician and then went to work for a company in Texas as an electronic technician. The company allowed me to work the night shift in order to pursue my education during the day. During the process of acquiring a degree in engineering, I took up wring as a hobby. It didn’t take long to discover that I had an incredible imagination. Now based on that imagination and my experience in electronics, I’m publishing my first novel, BACK DOOR TO MARS, an exciting SCI FI adventure on the planet Mars.