This is classic science fiction with aliens, Utopian societies, and plenty of high-tech gadgets---surprise discoveries punctuate the adventures of all of Hunter’s characters, Even within the familiar science fiction setting. No outcome is given in this story, right Up to an ending that gives a whole new meaning to the theme of rebirth.
- An excerpt from a review by Forward Clarion

In this entertaining and easy to read tale, the author Joseph Hunter has created a delicious and absorbing sci-fi adventure to suit the tastes of all ages. The author’s description of time travel and teleporting is expressed in a simplified and comprehensible manner for the lay reader---The tale is in the end a rewarding read for both lovers of mystery and science fiction.
- An excerpt from a review by Blueink

Does this author have other works? This book was fascinating; couldn’t put it down.
- Comment from Trish in Tennessee